What is the procedure for an agreed divorce with children in your office?

Our office can usually schedule your initial appointment the day that you call or the next business day.  At the appointment you will pay the attorney fee and supply us with the information of what you and your spouse have agreed upon, including the state required Permanent Parenting Plan, that we supply you with, which sets out the parents' custody arrangement.  Our office can have your court documents prepared and ready for your review and signature as quickly as the next business day.  After you and your spouse sign all of the court documents, we then file them with the court clerk and the ninety (90) day waiting period begins.  Once the waiting period is over, there is a very brief court hearing.  Your spouse is not required to attend the court hearing.

During the first thirty (30) days of the ninety day waiting period, Tennessee law requires each parent to attend on certified parenting class. The class lasts four (4) hours and the spouses attend separately.  After completion of the class, the teacher will send a certificate verifying your attendance to the court clerk.